Time to Buy?

Okay, by now there is no way that you haven’t heard!  The real estate market is down!  Were you expecting that one?

What this means to you?

As the market is down and credit for aspiring homeowners is falling there are fewer and fewer ‘qualified’ buyers.  The difference is, the market may seem like it is picking up some, but don’t be fooled.  Many of these new home prospects are going to be unable to finance homes in the area.

This means that it is the right time to purchase a new home.

As the home supply remains high and there are fewer and fewer home buyers in the market the prices of homes is extremely low.  If you’re looking for a bargain – here it is.  Some homes that were several hundred thousand dollars are having their price tags slashed in an effort to sell the home more quickly.

How to take advantage of the current market in Ocean Isle and Holden Beach?

Contact someone from Sloane Realty and inquire about new communities in Ocean Isle and Holden Beach.  Tell them that you read about some of the great deals and special on their blog.

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