Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Buy a Home in Ocean Isle Beach

Many people are misinformed about the real estate market during the holidays. The holidays can be a splendid time to sell your home or get a great price and a quick sale on buying a new home in Ocean Isle Beach.

The question gets asked every year about this time — Is it worth it to shop for a new home during the holiday season? The answer is yes! Shopping now may actually save you a bundle on your next property. Following are some great reasons why.

Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Buy a Home in OIB

Great Reasons to Buy During the Holidays

• The real estate market is going strong. Your competition when bidding on homes will be considerably less at this time of the year. You’ll also want to catch the wave and sell your house in a reasonable amount of time and with solid offers.

• Many employers will relocate employees in time for the New Year so there are relocation buyers are out there shopping for a home. Many of these employees are not focused on celebrating the holiday but rather getting packed up and purchasing their next home. These must-move buyers, particularly if they have children, want them to get settled during the holiday season so the kids are ready to enter a new school in January.

Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Buy a Home in OIB

• If you’re juggling buying and selling at the same time, you can limit the showings on your home to the timeframe when it is best for you. Talk to us about any special events or parties you have planned and work around them. Sometimes the holidays take you and your family away from the house, and that means easier showings for us.

• All homes are more attractive when tastefully decorated for the holidays. As a homebuyer, try to look beyond the decorating style of the seller and imagine all that you can do with the homes you are looking at. As a seller, keep it simple and classic, and don’t over-decorate or fill up the rooms with large decorations, making them feel smaller. This is a good time to remember that less is more.

Only you can decide if this is the time to shop for a new home and list your current one. The holiday season is a very good reason to start shopping for your next home now. We encourage you to call Sloane Realty at 866-931-5201 and let us help you purchase your next home this holiday season.

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