Renters Insurance for your Ocean Isle Beach NC rental

The majority of Americans who rent do not have renters’ insurance. This has always been a wonder to us other than the fact that people may be mistaken that renters’ insurance is expensive. The owner of the Ocean Isle Beach rental property that you’re renting has insurance to recover damages to the property not your belongings. Renters’ insurance is cheap because it only covers your belongs and provide liability coverage. Renters insurance can be acquired for as low as $15 per month depending on the value of coverage and your location.

Renters’ insurance covers losses due to theft, fire, smoke, wind, vandalism, electricity, explosions, and water damages from plumbing. The insurance also provides liability if guests are injured in your Ocean Isle Beach NC rental and hold you responsible. Some policies will also cover extra cost associated with additional living cost if your rental property is damaged or being repaired.

However, renters’ insurance does not cover your automobile and damages resulting from floods and earthquakes. Separate policies can be purchased to cover these areas.

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