Ocean Isle Beach homes for sale

62391_2Are you a soon-to-be retiree watching the home prices in our current market and wishing you were a little closer to buying your dream home? Here’s the solution to that. We have the perfect beach property that you’ve been waiting for. Ocean Isle Beach homes for sale range in price from $38,500 to $3,500,000. Whether you want an oceanfront single-family site built home, a townhouse or condo with canal views, or a manufactured home set back from the water, we have it.

Ocean Isle Beach homes for sale are still plentiful here. That’s worrisome if you interpret that as a sign the market is stagnant, because it really isn’t. If you’re looking through the eyes of a buyer it’s excellent news. Lots of houses and condos and land to choose from! Prices are dropping and interest rates are low! The time to buy is now!

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