Your Vacation Home in Brunswick County

Vacation season is here and it is getting harder to do the routine. Pack the lunches, rush to work, get the kids to practice and don’t forget the load of laundry that just won’t fold itself. So you think ahead to the precious week or two at the beach when life slows down, you can finish a conversation and take time to do nothing more than spend an hour watching the tide change.

It’s a softer life here on the shores of Brunswick County.  Your stay doesn’t have to be just a week or two.

With your own affordable vacation home in Ocean Isle or Holden Beach, you can get away for a few days, sneak a week, or spend the December holidays under a blue Carolina sky that heals the soul.

Sloane Realty will work with nearly any budget. The best incentive is that your beach vacation investment will hold its value all the way into retirement.

Whether you want to fish, boat, play golf on championship courses, explore or sit back and watch the tides come and go. There’s a lifestyle here to suit any interest.

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