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Preparing for a Stressfree Move

If you’re looking at the vast assortment of Brunswick County real estate that we have available to show you, it goes without saying that there’s a move in your future. The preparations you take in advance for that move will determine how stressful it will or won’t be.

Brunswick County real estateWe have the following helpful tips that will aid you with your move and you’ll be thanking us when moving day arrives. But remember, if you want a first hand look at any of the Brunswick County real estate you find on our site, we’d love to take you out to visit any of the properties at your convenience.

Once you know you’ll be moving that’s the time to begin sorting through your belongings and purge whatever you no long use. Tip: A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in the past two years and especially if it’s easily replaceable, toss it. Don’t wait until closer to the time of the move because it always takes longer than you’d think. It’s amazing how much stuff we can accumulate just one year to the next!

Many people find it easier to start on the main level of the house and proceed from there. Tip: Get yourself a few big boxes to aid in sorting. Sort through all closets, bookcases, cabinets and drawers – everywhere! Decide what to keep, what to donate to charity, and what to throw out or recycle on the Free section of Freecycle, Craigs List or the local newspaper.

Brunswick County real estateYou’ll be going through the basement and the garage as well. Now you may be seeing why it takes so long! If you have the time and the initiative you might want to hold a garage sale to get rid of a whole lot in one weekend and make some money in the process. Tip: Put a price sticker on everything but keep your prices low and reasonable. Remember, your objective is to get rid of things and not to get rich. People attend garage sales to find good deals.

The less you have to pack up and move with you the less unpacking you’ll have to do once you arrive at your new home. That makes for an easier move overall. Happy packing!

Make Home Ownership a Reality

In spite of the scars left by the recent housing recession, home ownership is still a goal for many people in this country. If you resolved to purchase a home in 2012 it’s time to take action. The timing for such a move is ideal right now. Professional observers of the housing market say the price of homes has bottomed out in many markets and interest rates are at their lowest point ever.

Brunswick County real estateAlthough there are some positive signs in the recent months, it will take years before the housing market is back on track like it was. This gives prospective buyers time to get their plans in order before taking the plunge.

First make sure the timing is right for you to buy. Are you ready for the responsibility of home ownership? Will you be able to handle the maintenance required of homeowners? Are you ready for the lifestyle change that comes with owning property?

Secondly, make sure set your sights on the right top of home for you. There are benefits and pitfalls to different types of properties. Condos and townhomes, for example, can free up owners of the responsibility for outside upkeep. No snow shoveling, mowing or major repairs.

Single family homes offer social opportunities and more freedom. You’ll have a yard for the kids to play in, where you can plant flower gardens, and grow your own food. You won’t have to abide by condo association rules, although some HOA’s have their own guidelines you must follow.

When you’re ready to talk about seriously about Brunswick County real estate give us a call at Sloane Realty. We can answer any questions about our Brunswick County real estate that you might have.

Brunswick County Real Estate

Are you thinking about moving to North Carolina to live a peaceful, stress free lifestyle without sacrificing great amenities?  Brunswick County is just the place for a young professionals, families relocating, retiree, or anyone interested in investing in property.  Brunswick County real estate is a great investment, whether it's for a new home, second home, or simply a vacation home.  You can find immaculate property all over the island from oceanfront to inland.

Brunswick County real estate offers a plethora of options when it comes to your next home or condo.  You can find property that sits on golf courses, oceanfront, waterway, canal, and more.  Many residents love the slower pace and tranquil atmosphere that comes with this pristine real estate.  There are plenty of places to call home but some favorites are Ocean Isle Beach, Calabash, Sunset Beach, Lockwood Golf Course, Holden Beach, Carolina Shores, and more!

Memorial Day Ocean Isle Rentals

So Memorial Day is not for another 5 months, but why not get your Ocean Isle Beach vacation rental reserved now! Now is the time to book the ideal Ocean Isle Beach vacation home for you and your company before someone beats you to it.  The folks at Sloane Realty specializes in all types of real estate in Ocean Isle Beach, from vacation rentals to residential and commercial proprties.

A Real Estate Nirvana

Altough, currently owning a property is probably nerve racking.  The other side, the buying prospects are getting GREAT deals.  The current market is kind of like the old Blue Light Sales At Target!  EVERYTHING IS DISCOUNTED!

So now the question is, what home should I buy?  Important things to ask yourself are: what is the primary use of this house?  How long will I be staying here? and What are my Must-Haves for this house?

Happy Hunting!

Find the perfect Brunswick County Real Estate at Sloane Realty.

Time to Buy?

Okay, by now there is no way that you haven't heard!  The real estate market is down!  Were you expecting that one?

What this means to you?

As the market is down and credit for aspiring homeowners is falling there are fewer and fewer 'qualified' buyers.  The difference is, the market may seem like it is picking up some, but don't be fooled.  Many of these new home prospects are going to be unable to finance homes in the area. 

This means that it is the right time to purchase a new home. 

As the home supply remains high and there are fewer and fewer home buyers in the market the prices of homes is extremely low.  If you're looking for a bargain - here it is.  Some homes that were several hundred thousand dollars are having their price tags slashed in an effort to sell the home more quickly.

How to take advantage of the current market in Ocean Isle and Holden Beach?

Contact someone from Sloane Realty and inquire about new communities in Ocean Isle and Holden Beach.  Tell them that you read about some of the great deals and special on their blog.

It is okay to ask --- What is the plan for selling my home?

No agent can guarantee that they will be able to sell your home.  However, Sloane Realty has decades of experience in the Brunswick County real estate market and they'd love to help you.

One of the most important interview questions that you should ask your real estate agent is, "How do you plan to sell my home?"  If this question draws blank stares and stumbling answers then you may need to take some extra time to investigate the experience and quality of your agent.

Ask them - "Are you going to put my home on a website?"  or  "Are you going to run ads in the local paper with my home featured?" 

These are key questions and they set the stage for a great understanding and communication between you and your broker.

Summer is finally over and were bringing in the new seasons with beautiful new homes

 The beaches in Brunswick County were great all summer long and the waves rolled right in, but Summer 2008 is over now and it’s time to look ahead. If you’ve been looking to purchase a new home on the coast of the Carolinas then let me direct your attention to some of the new homes in Capeside. Capeside is a new development community with beautiful houses in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. I spent sometime this morning flipping through some of their new homes for sale and here are a few pictures:

What I was most impressed with at Capeside aside from their beautiful homes was the community itself. The streets are well lit, beautiful front porches allow for the residents to get to know one another, beautiful surroundings and an easy going pace makes Capeside the right place to be in Brunswick County.

Let Sloane Realty help you find the Brunswick County Real Esate you're looking for.

Why now is the time to buy

In any economic market the 'market' is always uncertian.  The only things that can give clear indication of when it's time to buy and time to sell are key economic indicators.  Just today, Yahoo! Finance reported jobless claims increased and labor costs decreased. 

What does this mean?  

The labor costs decreasing and productivity increasing indicates inflation will remain in check for now.  This is indicative that the Federal Reserve's credit policy will have some breathing room.  Jobless claims increasing means there are less buyers in the market.  Referring back to Supply & Demand 101, the prices of homes will fall.

How does this affect me?

If you're looking at buying a home then let's look at these two market conditions:

  • Prices of homes has decreased again. 
  • Good to Average credit scores should have an opportunity to find excellent financing.

Contact a Sloane Realty representative and let us help you find the Ocean Isle Beach real estate you're looking for.

Novant Health in Brunswick County, NC Ranked Seventh in Nation as Most Integrated Health System

Novant Health ranks seventh among the Top 100 integrated healthcare networks in the United States, according to Verispan, a research firm that evaluates healthcare systems. The tenth annual survey was recently released in the national publication, Modern Healthcare, this week. Novant ranked eighth last year and is now the highest nationally ranked health system in North Carolina.
“We continue to work together with our physicians and staff to improve the healthcare experience for our patients and their families,” explained Novant Health President Paul Wiles. “That should be the benefit of being ‘integrated.’ Our staff, facilities and technologies should be coordinated in a manner that provides remarkable medicine. That involves the patient registration process, the communication between the patient, nurse and physician, the actual outcome of a patient’s surgery and treatment, proper hand hygiene and every interaction that comprises an individual’s medical care.”
Verispan evaluates health systems based on the level of integration in eight categories: integration; integrated technology; contractual capabilities; outpatient utilization; financial stability; services and access; hospital utilization; and physicians.
Novant Health is a not-for-profit health system consisting of eight hospitals in North Carolina’s Charlotte, Triad and southeastern regions: Presbyterian Hospital, Presbyterian Orthopaedic Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville and Presbyterian Hospital Matthews of the Charlotte area; Forsyth Medical Center, Medical Park Hospital and Thomasville Medical Center in the Triad region; and Brunswick Community Hospital along the coast. Other facilities and programs of Novant Health include the Novant Medical Group comprised of 670 physicians and 152 clinic locations, outpatient surgery and diagnostic centers, two nursing homes and senior residential facilities, rehabilitation programs and community health outreach programs.
Wiles mentioned that Novant is undertaking one of its most challenging initiatives in 2007 designed to improve the coordination and integration of healthcare services. The health system’s 152 physician clinics will begin the implementation of an electronic patient medical record. The project will take approximately three years and eliminate the traditional paper charts and record-keeping system.
The Verispan national scorecard and ranking process for health systems began in 1997 and has become a high-profile program for calling attention to organizations that are effectively leveraging the advantages of integrating services and sharing resources.

The Concept of Real Estate Supply and Demand

The real estate market is a business cycle. There are buyers’ markets and then there are sellers’ markets. The cycle is all based on the concept of supply and demand.

During a “sellers’ market,” homes sell quickly and sellers’ are in control of prices. This results in increased prices. During “buyers’ markets,” homes tend to sit on the market for a while before being sold, sellers normally drop prices.
When buying your home in Brunswick County, to get the most out of your money you should buy when the market is in the buyers hands.
Sloane Realty has homes to fit into anyone’s price range. From well maintained existing homes in Ocean Isle Beach, to homes in Holden Beach new communities, Sloane Realty is the premier realty company in Brunswick County.

Buying Your First Home in Ocean Isle

Nothing can compare to the excitement of buying your first home. Owning a house is a classic aspect of the American dream that you do not think about until everything seems to be going right in your life.

Remember though, buying a home is no walk in the park. You might find several houses that you really like, but not quite the perfect one for you. If you do not really want a “fixer upper,” do not buy one. If you want something that has been well maintained and spacious just remember that it will cost more.
Most people end up compromising on the house they buy. It might not make sense to buy a brand new home if you cannot afford it or do not really need one. You might end up buying a home that was built a few decades ago if it is stable, well made, and within your price range.
Sloane Realty is the Ocean Isle Beach and surrounding area’s leading source for quality real estate. Whether you are looking to buy an existing home or a brand new home, you can find what you are looking for with Sloane Realty.

Ocean Isle Beach Real Estate

For over 50 years, Sloane Realty has been the #1 leader in residential real estate and vacation rentals in Brunswick County.

With residential listings in existing and new communities located on uncrowded beaches and first-rate golf courses, Sloane Realty will help you discover your new home. The South Brunswick Islands is the ideal location to live, being a short distance from major cities like Wilmington and Myrtle Beach.
Not only does Sloane Realty offer quality residential homes in Ocean Isle Beach and surrounding areas, you can also book your vacation rental for Ocean Isle or Sunset Beach. With countless activities to do in Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach that cater to families, make the area a perfect destination for your summer vacation.
If you are considering moving your business to one of the fastest growing counties in the country, let Sloane Commercial Real Estate work with you. With a recent swell of incoming population and commercial developments like The Sunset Village Center located in Sunset Beach, your business is sure to grow and prosper.

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