Super Deals on Sunset Beach Property

If your dream has always been to live by the beach or to own beachfront property the time has come to make your move. You can get some really super deals on Sunset Beach NC foreclosures right now that are unlike anything you’ve probably ever imagined. These deals are so great that they’re just not going to hang around forever. You can view these properties right here on our Sloane Realty website.


Sometimes in this life there comes a time when you get the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality and for purchasing affordable beach property that time is right now. The market is slowly coming back and while that’s a good indicator of the economy improving overall, it also means the price of real estate will begin to climb. Sunset Beach NC foreclosures are always going to be the best deal in town when it comes to buying beachfront or canal front property at a really affordable price.

If you’re interested in purchasing real estate for investment purposes, perhaps to use as a vacation rental, buying foreclosures will have you paying off the property in record time. The most important factor in real estate investment property is to own it for a long time — in fact, forever is the optimal ownership horizon. If you do your due diligence and buy quality properties that you really like for all the right reasons, and plan to own them for good, you will earn wealth on the property over time.

Save a Lot on These Foreclosures

As you’ve probably heard, the housing market has made a turnaround and is making its much-awaited comeback. This means that your window of opportunity to purchase real estate at its rock bottom, lowest price is beginning to close.


While there are still Brunswick County foreclosures available they won’t last forever. If you’ve ever wanted to live in coastal property now is your chance. If you’ve wanted to buy land on which to build a home, this is your opportunity to purchase some that you can afford.

Brunswick County foreclosures are properties that often sell for below their appraised value. This equates to a big saving for you but you have to act now. Just imagine the investment potential of owning beach front property in Brunswick County, North Carolina.

Consider purchasing a new primary residence in Brunswick County or you could purchase a property to use as a vacation rental — both for yourself and others. We think owning a home that could potentially pay for its own mortgage is a fabulous idea!

You’ll find everything you could possibly need right here in Brunswick County. There are plenty of golf courses to play, theatre, museums and opportunities for fishing, hiking and biking, not to mention all of the water sports around. If shopping is a sport you enjoy, there are many places to shop and dine in the county especially around Wilmington. Just imagine — this could very well be the location of your next home! It’s just that good of a deal!

Ocean Isle Beach Foreclosures

ForeclosureBuying foreclosures in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, is a real estate investor’s dream. Ocean front properties are on the market, ready to be purchased for pennies on the dollar. Foreclosed properties in Ocean Isle Beach don’t last long. Interests rates are low, and banks want to move their inventory — now is the time to buy Ocean Isle Beach foreclosures.

Foreclosures in Ocean Isle Beach are hot. Ocean Isle Beach foreclosures are being purchased in record time, often with multiple offers. Banks are often asking for the best and highest offer from potential buyers, which is still below current market value for similar non-foreclosed homes in the area. If you want to own a piece of the Brunswick Islands, you need to move fast.

Many of the luxury subdivisions in the Coastal Carolinas are watched carefully by investors waiting for a foreclosure property to come onto the market. These foreclosures not only make excellent investment properties, but they are fabulous for amenity value and potential resale.

Ocean Isle Beach foreclosures offer a great opportunity to invest in beach communities. Whether amenity value, or reselling the property when the market rises — foreclosures are the way to go. You can find incredible bargains in coastal North Carolina, especially foreclosure and bank owned real estate. These homes were defaulted on by their former owners, and banks need to sell their inventory.

Now is a great time to buy Ocean Isle Beach foreclosures.

Life Is Good Here In Brunswick County

57265_15If you’re after some of the best real estate deals on the East Coast check out our Brunswick County foreclosures. Situated about half way between New York state and Florida, Brunswick County offers beautiful beaches that will take your breath away. The many different settings in North Carolina make this the perfect destination for just about everyone. Thousands of people come here every year to experience the beautiful weather, sparkling beaches, spectacular wildlife, and southern hospitality next to none. The lucky ones stay and make it their permanent homes.

It’s less expensive to live here than up north — properties are plentiful and even more affordable are the Brunswick County foreclosures, the property taxes and the utility bills are lower, too. Everything just costs less here! Brunswick County foreclosures would make an excellent investment either to relocate your family to now or as your permanent home for when you retire. Come take a look at what we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Ask any local and they will tell you that the easy going, laid back life style is what makes owning property in Brunswick County so enjoyable. Life here is all about enjoying every moment that you can. Everything you need is close by and no one is in a hurry. Life is good here in Brunswick County.

You Can Stop Foreclosure

ishot-4If you have found yourself in the unfortunate predicament where you are about to lose your house and property, the professionals at Sloane Realty could help you get out from under the burden by finding you a buyer for your Southport Real Estate.

You may have considered filing for bankruptcy in order to prevent foreclosure. In some cases filing bankruptcy can stop foreclosure but there are certain procedures that have to be followed.

The first question has to be, are you sure your house is in foreclosure? Many people think that as soon as they miss a payment or two the bank will come and put them out on the street. This is not true. Your lender does not want your house. They want you to keep your house and make your payments and will work with you as much as they can to have that happen.

If you’ve already gotten a notice of intent to foreclose, you need to meet an attorney to discuss your options. Of course this will cost money too and if you can’t make your mortgage payments because you’ve lost your job and have no income then it might be hard to pay a lawyer but many have free initial consultations so you might want to take them up on that. Perhaps they can set up a payment plan for once you’re back up on your feet.

Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop foreclosure on your Southport Real Estate mortgage by creating a stay. A stay means that no collector can take any further action against you in regard to you owing a bill and that includes your mortgage. The stay does gives you time to work out a repayment plan, which includes the mortgage arrears that you owe, and presents it to the state trustee and your secured creditors. Usually Chapter 13 allows you 3 to 5 years to repay your secured creditors and some unsecured creditors, depending on your financial situation. But, again, if you’ve lost your job and have no income it will be tough to work out any plan to repay at this point in time.

Your Chapter 13 repayment plan may include other bills and back payments as well as your mortgage arrears. If your plan is accepted and your bankruptcy is confirmed, you start with a clean slate in your mortgage payments. If you still do not have the income to make your mortgage payments, your lender can ask to have the stay lifted and the foreclosure process will continue. Bankruptcy will not stop foreclosure if you do not have the income to start back making payments after the bankruptcy.

Do not wait until the last minute. There are still other options that you may have if you do not have the funds to make all the back payments. Contact Sloane Realty today. We can often move Southport Real Estate quickly and it might just be the answer you’re looking for.