Baby Boomers are Relocating to Calabash NC

As baby boomers reach retirement age an increasing number of them are considering relocating to North Carolina. This generation unlike the ones that came before them do not want to retire to Florida where it’s too hot and over populated. Not when North Carolina has so much more to offer them. With the beautiful coast on one side and the mountains on the other, what’s not to love about North Carolina!


The small quaint fishing village of Calabash, NC, is appealing to an increasing number of baby boomers. It could be because of the central location or the beautiful weather or maybe it’s all the golf courses that are in close proximity to Calabash that appeals to them. But we know that it’s the low prices on Calabash NC real estate and the affordable cost of living that the area provides that has them settling in to stay.

The Calabash NC real estate that we can show you has the features that babyboomers are interested in for their post-retirement homes. Features such as single level living, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances in upscale kitchens with granite countertops and outdoor patios and screened in porches for easy entertaining when the family comes to visit.

When you’re considering a move to coastal North Carolina, look us up at Sloane Realty. We can meet with you and show you properties that are exactly what you’ve been hoping for. Give us a call at 910-579-1144.

6 Home Beautifying Tips

If you’re hoping to beautify your home either because it’s new for you, it’s past time for a change or maybe you’re fixing it up to sell it in the near future, here are six tips to help you along.


1. Paint with natural hues.
Cover up the drastically bold colors. Modern design experts suggest painting rooms in a natural hue to give the home a free-flowing feel.

2. Keep it simple.
Ornate decorations, mirrors and picture frames make a room feel busier than it needs to be. Instead, go with versions that feature clean lines for a more aesthetically pleasing and tidier look.

3. Clean and de-clutter.
Take some time to thoroughly clean and de-clutter your home. Use storage to get rid of anything you don’t immediately use or need or sell a few things off in a yard sale. Starting with as clean a canvas as possible will make the job of beautifying your home much easier.

4. Choose modern art.
Classic artwork gives a room a stuffy, museum feel, while modern art makes the room feel larger. For the best result, choose a piece of art that has a color within it that matches the color of the wall it is being hung on.

5. Avoid fleeting trends.
In interior decorating, trends are just temporary. This means today’s hot design trick or must-have element will soon be passé. Unless you have the budget and the time to continually update your home’s interior, stick with tried and true design tricks like those mentioned here.

6. Add an antique element.
If you’re going to have a decorative item on display, make it an antique. Antiques will sometimes have a patina on them that can add a sense of warmth and style to any room.

If you’re in the market for a new house, consider the Calabash NC real estate that Sloane Realty has available. Whether you’re looking for a condo, home or a piece of property to build on, there’s surely a piece of Calabash NC real estate that will be just what you’re looking for. All of the beautifying tips we’ve suggested here will look good in whichever piece of Calabash NC real estate you set your heart on.

Calabash Commercial Real Estate

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Calabash is located in beautiful North Carolina. It would be a great place to start and run your own business.  It’s an extravagant little fishing town, known as the Seafood Capital of the World.  This town gets many tourists every year due to its shrimp boats, waterfront restaurants, and shops.  Sloane Realty has great Calabash Commercial real estate listings, so let them give you a hand in your future.

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